Brightening Overnight Mask

Brightening Overnight Mask

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The evening hours are critical for skin regeneration. During the daytime hours, skin is in a protective mode. It’s fighting free radicals, blocking out pollution, and protecting skin from the elements. At night, the skin has the opportunity to regenerate itself. Blood flow increases, as does production of collagen, critical as the building block for skin.
The skin has higher cell turnover during the night and therefore the skin is in a more porous and receptive state. The skin’s temperature naturally rises by half a degree during sleep, the benefit of this is increased absorption and metabolism. The disadvantage is moisture loss.

50 ml | Night care | All skin types, particularly for skin showing signs of pigmentation

  • BenefitsThis innovative, ultra-lightweight gel-cream formulation from the Skincode Essentials alpine white range contains the same unique alpine white complex and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) as the rest of the alpine white range. This powerful combination seals in moisture overnight, for perfectly hydrated and brighter looking skin. It also contains an active to neutralize the free radicals absorbed by the skin during the daytime.
  • ApplicationUse every evening or as needed. Apply generously and evenly over the entire face & neck and gently massage into the skin. Tissue off any excess.
  • Active IngredientsVitamin B3 | Alpine Plant-Derived Complex | Shea Butter | Sodium Hyaluronate | Superoxide Dismutase | Vitamin E | CM Glucan
  • Formula FactsParaben-free formula and allergen-free fragrance. Dermatologist tested.
  • Skin typeAll skin types, particularly for skin showing signs of pigmentation and/or imperfections.

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