Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler

Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler

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The Exclusive Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler is rejuvenating beauty through science.
The Exclusive Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2 (ACR G2) helps improve the skin elasticity, firmness and epidermal nourishment, for added long term benefits and minimizing the appearance of signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
The product also brings more immediate effects to impatient consumers, with a combination of two natural origin, bio-tech complexes that act as fillers to the problem areas. These fillers help to lock in moisture to plump and smooth the skin, leading to a more even surface for improved light reflection resulting in a renewed and more youthful skin radiance.

15 ml | Day & night care | Dry, mature skin

  • BenefitsIt has a targeted applicator pen pack, ideal for blurring the appearance of lip lines, frown lines and the fine lines around the eyes.
  • ApplicationUse after applying your regular moisturizer or foundation, as the final step in your beauty regimen. Apply directly into the line or wrinkle and tap gently to fill the line and smooth away any excess product.
  • Active IngredientsAquafill | Hyalurosmooth | ACR Complex G2 | Vitamin E | Vitamin A | Aloe Vera extract
  • Formula factsParaben-free formula and allergen-free fragrance. Dermatologist tested.
  • Skin typeDry, mature skin showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

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